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Quotes Being somewhat shy and reticent, I was intimidated by Zumba before starting to dance with Dee Dee Daniel. However, I wanted to find an exercise regimen that would be fun, effective and addicting; Dee Dee is a very intuitive teacher and gets to know all her students not only by name, but also by their own idiosyncrasies, medical conditions, strengths and limitations. While dancing to catchy music, she tells us exactly what muscles to stretch and exercise. I had a frozen shoulder, with limited range of motion; within two months, my shoulder has healed completely and I have full range of motion. Dee Dee's coaching has enabled me to work around the knee issues and I have strengthened the supporting muscles around my knee. Zumba has been a really positive experience and I recommend it to anyone! If you want a fun way to stay healthy, fit, and leave the class feeling invigorated, satisfied both physically and mentally with an endorphin-laced feeling of goodness! Quotes

Quotes It never occurred to me as a busy mom and business owner that I'd find my escape in fitness! But that is exactly what happened when I discovered Dee Dee's Dance & Fitness and an absolute LOVE for ZUMBA! When I heard I could DANCE and it would be a workout, I had to see it and feel it for myself. I was hooked from day one.....I smiled from ear to ear the ENTIRE workout, and I knew this was the place for me. Dee Dee provides an incredibly fun and safe environment to learn how to find your path to a healthier you! In just a few short months, I am down two sizes and feel healthier every day. I have also seen the amazing results of my classmates! And who knew that less than six months later, I'd be pursuing a certificate to teach Zumba right alongside her?! Zumba has changed my life, and I know it can change yours. Come try out a class today....you will LOVE it! ♥ Quotes
Shara Schmidli
Who knew!

Quotes I had two knee replacements two years ago and figured I would limp around for the rest of my life. The second knee was a problem. Actually, a gimpy knee meant I didn't need to exercise. I had physical therapy for a year. I still limped. Then I went to Zumba class and found the best exercise program that I could do everyday. I'm walking again; I'm strong and I'm happy. I have no limp most of the time. Thanks, Dee Dee, for putting me back together again. Quotes
I hate to exercise but I LOVE Zumba!

Quotes I have never been much of a dancer or into excercise. I forced myself to walk and run a little to try and lose weight but was unmotivated. I went to one of dee dee's classes and I was hooked! I love dancing and the great work out that we get. I have a ton of energy and look forward to each class...the best news is without even trying I lost a stubborn five pounds that I gained with my last pregnancy! If I could do zumba everyday I would! I am so thankful that I tried it, I finally found an excercise that I love doing! Thanks a bunch DEE DEE! Quotes

Quotes I have never been one to work out, AT ALL, but I'm going on my second month with Dee Dee and a bunch of girls from school, and let me tell you, it is so much FUN ! You don't feel like your being judged, and it is really the best thing ever did ! Thanks Dee Dee ! Zumba for life ! Quotes
Chandra Ortega

Quotes I am about to start my 3rd month of Zumba with DeeDee. It is a work out,but you feel so relaxed while enjoying the challenging moves. Those moves become second nature and you become more relaxed to add more movement with your arms and lift the legs a bit more...what every moves you at the time. The members of the class make you feel welcome,so you don't feel out of place . Size and shape are not an issue in this class.The main thing is to enjoy yourself . Age ,what's that,if you can walk you can Zumba. I tell all my friends they should give it a try! Quotes
yvonne vallejo

Quotes ZUMBA DANCING, WOW!!! It is as easy as 123. I love to dance and started dancing at the age of 13. At age 37, I took Ballroom Dancing through a college and through the local School district. I am now 54 years old and was very hesitant about signing up for Zumba because I have osteoperosis, degenerative joint disorder and arthiritis in my back and other joints. Since I decided to join Zumba Classes through the Lodi Hutchins Street Square, which I only did for one month I found that I really enjoyed it so much that I knew I would miss it once it was over. So I signed up through DeeDee's private classes and have not regreted it for one moment. Everyone in the class is very friendly. Zumba has made it easier for my coordination and flexibility, which is a milestone for me. I love the atmosphere, the other dancers, the music and the dancing (exercising) and especially DeeDee for having these classes here in Lodi. Thank you DeeDee I LOVE ZUMBA!!!!!!!!! Quotes
Norma Brown
Zumba Dancer Student

Quotes I started Zumba almost 2 years ago. It was a giant leap for me. I knew that just walking at Lodi Lake hadn't been enough- I wasn't losing the weight. Now I had zero back ground in dance but music has spoken to me for the majority of my life. I took a chance and walked into a Zumba class at Dee Dee's and I was hooked. Believe me, I sucked. I had no rythym. I couldn't keep up and I was often not on the same side of the room as the rest of the class. I laughed at myself and kept coming to classes. The instructors were positive, sweet, and humorous. I loved the endorphins and learning new dance moves. I've been coming to Dee Dee's classes since Sept of 2013. I have never felt so good in my whole life. rhythm. I'm strong. I can even dance. :) I've lost 50 lbs Thank you to Dee for having a vision of offering such a fun dance.She rejoices with us in our moments of reaching our goals. She works hard to tailor her classes to each person. Thank you for what you do. :) xoxo Quotes
happy dancer

Quotes Everything about Dee Dee and her dance studio is happy. Her eyes even smile. She's always positive and encouraging to everyone who visits. My friends and I love dancing together at Dee Dee's. Each one of the instructors has her own special style, but they are all awesome! Quotes
Kimberly Kinser
Mom, Friend, Dancer

Quotes I orginally started a ZUMBA Class at Hutchinson Street Square the latter part of 2011 to help strengthen my back muscles due to arthiritis which caused my left hip to slip out . I found I liked the Zumba dancing alot but the class was only once a week and I knew I wanted more. So I enrolled in Dee Dee's private classes Jan 2012 it is now Sept 2012 and I go to Dee Dee's ZUMBA CLASSES 4 nights a week cause I am addicted to the dance. My progress has been remarkable for me, my back and hip muscles have become much stronger, my back pain is almost gone and my hip slippage has reduced about 90% MY added bennies I've lost 21 pounds while having FUN FUN FUN. I am so greatful to Dee Dee for her encouragement, humor, compassion most of all her professionalism ....ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA ... I LOVE WHAT IT HAS DONE FOR ME. Quotes
Dancin' Feet
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