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Zumba® classes @ Dee Dee's Dance & Fitness 720 W Lodi Ave

About me

My name is Dee Dee Daniel.

I am not a professional dancer! I naturally have at least 22 left feet. Zumba® has given me coordination and balance, I didn't know was attainable!! I love dancing to the Latin Rythyms we use at Zumba® Dance Parties. I have watched the inches disappear from my waist. My body feels so much better now that I am moving!! 

I am a Christian Mom of two children. I have been raising a family for the last 22 years. My first taste of a ZUMBA® dance party was by an invitation from my friend Annette. I fell in love with the music and the rhythms. I love ZUMBA® and I want to share it with you. ZUMBA® is a great dance party disguising an amazing workout. You will feel better, lose inches, melt away pounds, all this while laughing, and meeting new friends! I would love for you to come and join a party! Come expecting to move and have fun!

I have been a Zumba® instructor and Zin® member since May of 2011.  I love teaching Zumba® classes.  I would love for you to try a class and see how much better you can feel after one class.  

Here is a link to my page on Zumba.com



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Ditch the workout...Join the party! ®

How might you ask? Come join in on the fun by dancing to the flares of various Latin infused music and feel yourself moving to the rhythms. While all the classes are part of Zumba®  the moves specialized in the Zumba® Gold criteria, which brings you all the flare of exercising without the burden of pain in the joints. This lower impact dancing helps you gain flexibility in joints of your hips, knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. Zumba® is great for all ages, from the young and to the young at heart. Let yourself move with the music and have fun while getting and staying fit.

Don't know how to dance? That is perfectly OKAY! There will be step by step instructions shown and for those who feel its too easy, variations will also be given for more of a workout!

Just starting your journey to staying fit? That's alright, these moves are specifically made to be easier on those who have a difficult time with the normal routine of workouts. You'll lose the inches while having fun dancing!

Zumba® can be described as dancing to zesty music with high energy, so where every fitness session is truly a party!