Zumbaź classes @ Dee Dee's Dance & Fitness 720 W Lodi Ave


Quotes I'm a new member to the Zumba experience and I just love it. It's a great way to work out and learn something new. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend you give it a shot. Once you do, you'll be hooked. Quotes
Grace Healy

Quotes My 1st day of ZUMBA was March 1st .... today is the 13th of March and I look forward to going as many times as possible (4 times a week) Monday thru Thursday. The class participants (WE) are having a BLAST and our instructor DeeDee is absolutely SUSPENDIOUS in her instructions, patient and her engery flows onto all of us which helps motive all of us in having a great time while enjoy ing the dance routines (which is really exercise-- we just don't realize it - cuz we're having so much fun).......I just wish I started ZUMBA a whole lot sooner . I am so happy I have DeeDee as my instructor -- REASON--- she is personalable, caring with a great personality. Irene Castaneda-Barr Quotes

Quotes I've been taking zumba classes from Dee Dee for about two months now, and it's become a favorite part of my weekly routine! Zumba has been a great way to increase my activity level, endurance, and flexibility (and decrease stress), all while meeting wonderful new people and just plain having fun. Dee Dee's an excellent instructor with a warm and welcoming approach. She always takes the time to walk new students through the steps for each routine, calls out moves during each song to help the class follow along, and makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what their experience level or abilities. Her selection of music and moves is fantastic, and each hour-long class goes by so fast because it's such a blast. I love it, and can't imagine my life without zumba! Quotes
Happy zumba dancer :)

Quotes Dee Dee is very enthusiastic and the classes are easy and effective. We are all seeing results. Easy parking, easy to find, close by. Bring your water. This really works and is fun. Quotes
happy healer

Quotes I went to Zumba last night after about 4 weeks off and it felt GREAT. I had kind of a bad day with one of my patents at work and I really needed to workout. This Zumba class was just what the Docotor ordered :) I had forgot about the stress I had earlier that day and my body was so happy that I was NOT sitting on the couch. DeeDee takes her time and shows you what you will be doing in each song before you do it. She makes you feel comfy and has LOTS of energy so she really get you wanting to move. Thanks DeeDee for starting these classes I look forward to getting healthy in 2012 with you :) Quotes

Quotes I have just started dancing with Zumba classes. I love it, while it gives me a sense of an escape from the weekly chaos that cane happen with two young boys and a husband, it also helps exercise without the hassle of the major pain and tiring workouts. These classes have started to help my flexibility and my balance as well as concentration and I'm only in my second week! The best part is that I may not always be on the same foot as the instructor but it is perfectly fine, there are no rules except for have fun! It doesn't matter about how you dance or do the steps, as long as you are moving, are comfortable and are having fun. That is really all that matters. Come join in on the party! Quotes
Zumba party!
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