Zumbaź classes @ Dee Dee's Dance & Fitness 720 W Lodi Ave


Quotes YAY!!! I finally have a workout that my daughter and I love doing together! We are having SO MUCH FUN, we're bonding through dance parties and spending time together rather than time apart when we choose to excersize. Dee Dee is SO GREAT! She has the gift of making everyone feel comfortable, no matter age or fitness level. Thank heavens-HA! Lovin' Zumba, Lovin' Dee Dee, Lovin' Life! Quotes
Leslie Chambers Loomis
Mom & Flight Attendant

Quotes Report Card for Dee Dee's Zumba Classes: Total Body Workout: A+ Fun: A+ Dee Dee's Knowledge: A+ Dee Dee's Enthusiasm: A+ Dee Dee's Teaching: A+ Quotes
Ann McOmber
High School Teacher

Quotes I so look forward to my Zumba workouts! I was so nervous at first as I have no dancing ability & I'm not young! But guess what! It doesn't matter! I just move with the music to the best of my ability. Dee Dee makes me feel comfortable in the class & is always encouraging! At the end of the hour I'm sweating & feel charged up! My balance & coordination is improving each week. And my dance steps are improving too! In September I'm going on a cruise with my sister & my goal is to surprise her when I step onto the dance floor & can wiggle my tush to those Latin Rythyms! Yeah Dee Dee for bringing Zumba into my life! Quotes
Will Be Fit in 2012

Quotes I started doing Zumba as a "mix it up" to my normal work out. A bunch of girls from school all joined together. We have a blast! It's a lot of fun, and I can't dance. With Dee Dee you don't feel like you have to be able to dance--she makes it so easy! It's been a great, fun addition to my workout routine! Quotes
Cat Kotaka

Quotes We are sooo happy that Lockeford has a place for exercise and it is dancing! It doesn't feel like exercise just a fun place to go in the morning. On the days we don't meet I feel a loss! It makes me walk the dog more and move easier as I float across space. I can even balance so much better. Love It!! Quotes
Linda S
Lockeford Lass

Quotes I started Zumba dance in Jan. 2012 and couldn't believe how easy it was to learn the steps. I was nervous at first... knowing I had rheumatoid arthritis and wondering how the dancing would affect my joints. To my surprise I've done better than anticipated and find myself wanting more of a challenge in our workouts lately. I've lost 15 pounds since starting Zumba and I'm looking forward to losing much more. Dancing is better than dieting and the hour goes by so quickly! Dee Dee is such a happy upbeat instructor and makes everyone feel so comfortable at any age or body type. You'll meet some wonderful people and Zumba your way to a healthier lifestyle! Quotes
Debbie S.

Quotes I have always struggled to find some sort of exercise that keeps me interested. Well, Zumba with Dee Dee has had me hooked for a couple months and I am certainly not bored...I love it! It is a great workout and an hour flies by. Dee Dee is so welcoming, always happy to be there and she loves her job. It shows in her teaching style. In her words, "I just come to dance." Quotes

Quotes I just started Zumba in Feb. I LOVE IT!!!!! I had my stomach taken out in June '11, to lose weight. I have lost 80lbs now. I needed to start firming up. I love to dance but my husband doesnt. So I thought I would try Zumba. Oh my god its sooooo fun.. I HATE excersing, but this isnt excersing, its too fun!!! Love Dee Dee. She shows the steps first so I dont feel lost. Thank you Dee Dee for that! It helps alot!!!! plus she takes the time after class to show me steps Im not getting. I LOVE ZUMBA!!!!! Quotes
Becky Henricksen
old grandma

Quotes I started Zumba in January with my friend so we could loose weight before her wedding, So far I lost 24 pounds and I love it. I feel GREAT I look better and the dancing is so fun It dosen't even feel like excersize. Dee Dee is a wonderful instructor and her dance partys are great. Thank you so much for bring Zumba in my life. Love It!!! Quotes
Jessica Galtman
get fit mom

Quotes been going to Zumba in Lockeford for almost 2 months now...love..love ....love it. It feels great to "Get Moving" I'm especially Happy that I have somewhere local to go, instead of driving into Lodi all the time... Quotes
Brenda Johnson
zumba newbie